Nayna Tag Heuer Show Collection 2013 By Nayna Paris

To mark its 10th anniversary celebration, Nayna Tag Heuer Show 2013kicked off with exciting fashion collections one of which wasNayna Paris Collection 2013 containing an electrifying range of 1960s inspired outfits.

Paris Collection 2013 by Nayna included eye popping long and short shirts, ankle high tight trousers, pleated knee short casual shirts and long skirts, flared trousers, gowns and straight long shirts. The mix of subtle and bright tones like yellow, brown, aqua blue, off white, peach also refreshed 1960s fashion statement presented by the fashion models such As Rabia Chaudhary, Sophia Khan, FiaNadia Ali, Rachel, Natasha Hussain, Alyzeh Gabol and some others.
Nayna is a famous fashion house for contemporary women which collaborated with international brand Tag Heuer for its 10 years of celebration i.e Nayna Tag Heuer Show 2013 for which Fashion Central was the official online media partner.


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